Reef & Rainforest

Palawan Mt. Pulgar

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Rainforests worldwide continue to be destroyed for palm oil plantations, soya bean farms, monocultures of introduced trees, for timber that is often illegally exported. Oil exploration contaminates hundreds of square kilometers of Amazon rainforest with drilling mud, and oils spills kill totally entire lakes. With upwards of 200 tree species/hectate alone The loss of species diversity to humanity is uncountable.

Rainforest destruction continues to be a hot topic. Indiginous peoples are displaced, logging companies move in with heavy equipment. Freshwater stream and small rivers are used as tracks, and their waters polluted within day. Huge chipping machines turn everything (including animals) into the raw material for your next electronic gadget cardboard box. Cloud forest is cleared for coffee, but the coffee cannot grow at those altitudes. Often cloud forests receive 8 meters of rain a year. Once cleared of forest, slopes are quickly washed clean of soil. Deforestation show

Ficus sp.
Trimeresurus sp.
Knema sp.
Harlequin Shrimp Hymenocera picta
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