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Raja Ampat: Fish

Raja Ampat: Invertebrates

N. Sulawesi: Manado Coast

N. Sulawesi: Bunaken

Bali: Reef & Black Sand

N. Sulawesi: Lembeh

These photo collections show some of the reef dwellers in differentSouth East Asian reefs.

Raja Ampat

West Papau is well known for it's rich diversity of fish and invertebrates. The lack of polution and disturbance combined with favourable ocean currents, results in very diverse reefs. The variety of niches support awide range of fish and invertebrates

N. Sulawesi: Manado & Bunaken

Areas SW of Manado have recently been surveyed by Allen & Erdmann and were found found to have a fish diversity index almost as high as Raja Ampat.Bunaken, with it's high coral diversity, varying currents and depths has long been known for it's high diverstiy of butterfly fish.

Harlequin Shrimp Hymenocera picta
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