Reef & Rainforest

Emperor angelfish juvenile Pomacanthus imperatus
Aquarium trade

Butterfy Fish are often regarded as indicators of reef health. Many species live together on the same reef, but due to differing feeding strategies they don't compete. Some feed exclusively on coral polyps, others on tube worms, other on tiny crustaceans deep in narrow crevices

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Of the c. 13 000 marine fish, c. 3000 are known from the reefs of SE Asia. New species are being found all the time. On reefs skittish Comets dart for cover in crevices; Frog- & Scorpion Fish wait for a tasty morsel swimming by; shoals of Glassfish coat the reef with a silver blanket; clouds of multi-coloured Basslets and Red Toothed Triggers float along steep dropoffs. The peace is only broken by groups of Travellies or Groupers dashing in to grab lunch.

Whitemargin Stargazer Uranoscopus sulphureus
Thornback Cowfish juvenile Lactoria fornasini
Clown Trigger Balistoides conspicillum
Leaf Scorpionfish Taenianotus triacanthus
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